I'm a freelance Designer based in Stuttgart. I design & create

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Stefan Gumper

Hi. My name is Stefan Gumper. I'm a freelance Graphic Designer / Art Director
based in Stuttgart, Germany

Over four years in business, I’ve had the chance to work on a variety of projects, with companies and individuals. Custom work is my territory, extraordinary web design and unique branding. For work inquires send me an e-mail.

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  • Branding
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  • Landingpages
  • Prototyping
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golden rule

I’ve had the pleasure to work with outstanding companies and personalitys. My golden rule is to focus on your special trademarks. Think of your service as a person. I wanna make that person the one, everbody remembers. Interesting smart and different. Design is a powerfull tool to get you in front of the others, why not use it?

Want to be more successfull?

Send me an e-mail over at hello@koa.graphics



Some of my recent work, feel free to filter the projects based on what stuff we did for each.

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Want to work with me?

Send me an e-mail over at hello@koa.graphics.com